Flea Market

Anyone can run down to Pottery Barn and pick out the latest cookie-cutter piece of furniture or accessory, but a well-chosen second-hand flea market find adds the kind of personality and style to your décor that you just can’t buy at the mall. Styles ranging from funky to whimsical, elegant to farmhouse can all be found at flea markets. Here are a few things to look out for at flea markets, yard sales and Goodwill-type charity stores.

Flea Market Shopping Tips:

It never hurts to arrive at the flea market early, particularly the type that’s open just one or two days a week. Savvy shoppers know that the best items go first.

Bargaining is the name of the game at flea markets and vendors expect it. If the idea of haggling over prices makes you uncomfortable, just try saying, “Can you go any lower on that price?”

Flea Market Decorating Pro Tips
In this space I highlight a video with tips and advice for achieving great style with Flea Market Decorating!

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